Power Shift 2016: Recharge

Shift the power in your region

Power Shift 2016 brought young climate leaders together as a movement—building the organizing skills, shared excitement, and strong relationships needed for a long-term commitment to the grassroots work that will help us realize a just, clean energy-powered future.

Since 2007, Power Shift convergences have trained, connected, and inspired tens of thousands of young people and propelled the growth of the youth-led climate movement. Thanks in part to Power Shift, the youth climate movement has evolved from a chorus of advocates to a formidable political force.

In a critical year for our democracy and our climate, Power Shift 2016 is a place to train young leaders in the fight for climate justice, help amplify the voice and power of our local communities, and leverage that power to help the climate justice movement win at the national level.

Power Shift 2016

What is Power Shift?

The Power Shift Network (formerly known as Energy Action Coalition) has been organizing national and regional Power Shift convergences since 2007. A generation of young climate activists has come to Power Shifts over the years to learn about organizing, connect with friends and fellow activists, and build momentum for critical strategic campaign efforts in their communities. But Power Shift is more than a conference—it's part of a movement. What is Power Shift? Click here to read more!