What is Power Shift?

Power Shift convergences—hosted by the Power Shift Network (formerly Energy Action Coalition), along with our partners and allies—have propelled the growth of the youth-led climate movement in the US for nearly 10 years.

Power Shift has never been just about building a crowd for a weekend conference. The people who have come to Power Shifts over the years – young faith leaders, entrepreneurs, student government leaders, social justice advocates, blue-collar workers, and representatives from places at the many frontlines of climate injustice – come to build momentum for the launch of critical, focused, and strategic campaign efforts in their communities. We believe that the type of movement that wins is the kind that focuses on building power from the ground up—starting with those most affected by injustice and oppression.

Power Shift connects individual activists to form a network of trained organizers. Since 2007, national and regional Power Shift convergences have motivated and inspired young climate leaders to dedicate themselves to fighting for justice for the long haul. Spaces like Power Shift help energize our movement and equip activists with the skills they need to organize winning campaigns.

Power Shift 2016

Now, the Power Shift Network is working side-by-side with progressive organizations across the country to host four regional Power Shifts in the summer and fall of 2016.

At Power Shift 2016, youth leaders will strategize with their fellow activists and gain valuable, practical skills such as campaign planning, voter education, citizen lobbying, power mapping, and bird-dogging, all with a focus on the ongoing campaigns, struggles, and needs of their region and community.

Power Shift 2016 will:

  • Help build the movement momentum needed to get more young activists plugged in to the fight for climate justice
  • Provide young people with a way to plug into high-impact electoral work in a critical election cycle
  • Provide space for strategic planning and building critical organizing skills
  • Support youth-led and local campaigns to keep fossil fuels in the ground and build a just, clean-energy powered future

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