Power Shift 2016 Programming

Power Shift 2016 Program Overview

Every session at each regional Power Shift 2016 are designed to train, motivate, and build power in the climate justice movement (and beyond).

Sessions at Power Shift 2016 will fall into three tracks, or “pathways”:

  • Building Power To Scale: programs that address strategies and tactics for building community power.
  • System Transformation: programs centered on strategies and tactics for fighting against established systems of oppression.
  • Bridging Gaps: programs designed to help organizers build better groups and relationships within our campaigns and our movement at large.

In addition to proposed sessions, each 2016 Power Shift will also include an “unconference” component, where participants will create their own sessions based on conversations that emerge during the convergence.

Sessions & Workshops

Sessions at past Power Shifts have included:

  • Voices from the Gulf Coast: Living with Tar Sands, Katrina, and Climate Disasters
  • Everybody’s Movement: Racism and the Climate Movement
  • Getting Creative with Campus Media
  • Capitalism, Climate, and Injustice: Systemic Roots of Intersecting Crises
  • Connecting the Dots of a Just Transition; Can we Cooperate our way to a Green Economy?
  • Rebel Economists in a Warming World: Unlearning Econ 101
  • How to Build the Biggest, Baddest Group on Campus
  • Share or Die! Lessons from the Green Economy
  • Power Mapping Against Fracking
  • UN Climate Negotiations 101
  • And many, many more!

The full lineup of sessions and workshops for the next Power Shift in Berkeley will be announced soon. In the meantime, you can check out the full schedules for Power Shift 2016 Northeast, Midwest, and Southeast here!

Keynote Speakers

The inspiring speakers at past Power Shifts have included grassroots activists, young leaders, politicians, and more, such as:

  • Former Texas State Senator and Deeds Not Words founder Wendy Davis
  • Former EPA director Lisa Jackson
  • Former Vice President Al Gore
  • Indigenous climate and environmental justice leaders, including Kandi Mossett and Ta’Kaiya Blaney
  • Dream Defenders co-founder Umi Selah
  • Bill McKibben
  • Leading climate activist Tim DeChristopher
  • Filmmaker and activist Josh Fox
  • Environmental justice leader Majora Carter
  • Van Jones

Shifting Power After Hours

At each regional Power Shift 2016, we’ll be hosting an evening “Solidarity Salon”: an open mic fused with a community art build. After a day of sessions, workshops, and speakers, Power Shifters will be invited to perform, create, connect… or just kick back.

And to make each Power Shift Solidarity Salon a success, we need you to plug in! We’ll be looking for folks who want to:

  • Perform whatever is in your art-ivist heart! If you play music, read poetry, or want to do a creative dance, we’d love for you to share.

  • Support the community art build! The things made at this event will not just inspire the performers. We will provide the supplies, you just come prepared to create. These items will also be used for our Power Shift direct action the following day (and more details on that will be coming soon!).

  • Invite your friends to join you! We’ll provide the food—you will make it fun!

Interested in plugging into a Power Shift Solidarity Salon? Click here to let us know you're interested in performing or helping out!

We want every Power Shift 2016 to be a space for our generation of activists to recharge. Building a winning, powerful youth-led climate justice movement takes a lot of organizing and hard work—but we also know that our movement needs art, music, and community to thrive.

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