Power Shift Midwest Transportation

Need a ride to Power Shift Midwest?

There are people coming to Power Shift 2016 Midwest in Detroit from all over the country! Power Shift is not directly providing transportation to or from Detroit, but we have created a Facebook group for you to connect with fellow travelers. Whether you're looking for a ride, have a seat in a car to offer, or want to know if other Power Shifters want to hop on the same bus as you, post in the group and organize!

Rideshare Board to Power Shift Midwest

Click here to get to the Power Shift 2016 Midwest Rideshare group on Facebook!

If you have any questions about transportation, you can reach out to us at [email protected]

You must coordinate with other Power Shifters directly to secure your transportation to or from Detroit. Power Shift is NOT responsible for making these arrangements and will not be directly coordinating any transportation.

Please also use your judgement when riding with others, especially with people you do not know.