Power Shift Northeast Transportation

Need a ride to Power Shift Northeast?

There are people coming to Power Shift 2016 Northeast in Philadelphia from all over the country! Whether you're looking for a ride or whether you have seats to offer, please use this Facebook group to post where you're coming from, when you're planning to leave, and when you're heading back.

Rideshare to Power Shift Northeast!

You must contact the driver directly to guarantee your seat. Power Shift is NOT responsible for making these arrangements and will not be directly coordinating any transportation.

Please also use your judgement when riding with others, especially with people you do not know.

Once I'm in Philadelphia, how do I get to Power Shift?

Power Shift 2016 Northeast will be taking place at Temple University in Philadelphia. Too see which programming will be taking place in which buildings, please view the full schedule of events for the weekend by clicking here.


To travel by Regional Rail:

SEPTA operates Regional Rail service between the airport and Center City destinations including Temple University Station at 9th and Berks Streets. There are train platforms at each terminal at the airport which are accessible from the walkway between the baggage claim areas and the terminal. Trains depart every 30 minutes, and the trip to Temple takes about 25-30 minutes. Trains operate between 5:00am-12:30am.

Travelling from the airport, one must pay a fare of $8.00 in cash on the train. Heading to the airport, one can purchase a train ticket at 30th Street, Suburban, or Jefferson (formerly Market East) Stations for $6.50.

The timetable for trains to and from Philadelphia International Airport can be found here: http://www.septa.org/schedules/rail/pdf/air.pdf

To travel by car/taxi:

In average traffic conditions it takes about 25 minutes to drive between Philadelphia International Airport and Temple University. Cab and limousine service is readily available from the airport to all local destinations and unless it is late at night it is easy to hail a cab on the spot right outside of baggage claim. Cabs to or from Center City and the airport cost about $30.

Uber and Lyft operate semi-legally within the city of Philadelphia and will also pick up fares at the airport.

To travel by bus:

Several city bus routes operate between the airport and various transit hubs in and around West and South Philadelphia. Taking the bus from the airport is the cheapest but least convenient option. Factoring in transfer time, the bus ride to Temple will take over an hour. However, it does provide a good sightseeing tour of outlying Philadelphia neighborhoods.

The most frequent service is provided by the Route 37 bus, which meanders through Southwest Philadelphia and past the Philadelphia Energy Solutions Oil Refinery (a major target of local campaigns against fossil fuel expansion) to the Snyder Avenue stop on the Broad Street (ORANGE) subway line, where one can transfer to a northbound train for a 15-minute ride to Cecil B. Moore Station at Temple University. The Northbound Route 4 bus will also travel along Broad Street, above ground to Temple. This bus provides great views of Center City Philadelphia, but takes considerably longer than the subway.

Transferring at Snyder Station costs $1.00. Buy a transfer in cash from the bus operator.


Taking transit between 30th Street Station and Temple University is quick, convenient and inexpensive.

Enter the Market-Frankford (BLUE) Line subway station on the corner of 30th and Market Streets, right across the street from the Amtrak Station and one block from the Megabus drop off location at 31st Street and JFK Boulevard.

Take any Eastbound subway (BLUE) or trolley (GREEN) to 15th Street Station—a 2 minute trip. Follow signs for the free transfer to the Broad Street (ORANGE) line. Take a northbound LOCAL train 5 stops north to Cecil B. Moore Avenue (about a 6 minute trip).

From Drexel, the directions are almost the same—just catch the eastbound Market Frankford (BLUE) line train at 34th & Market Streets or the eastbound Route 10 trolley at 33rd and Chestnut Streets.


By subway:

Walk 4 blocks west to Broad Street and enter the Broad Street (ORANGE) Line at Race-Vine station. Take a northbound LOCAL train 4 stops to Cecil B. Moore Avenue Station at Temple University. This is about a 5 minute ride.

By bus:

Board a Chestnut Hill-bound (northbound) Route 23 bus on the Southeast corner of Filbert and 11th Streets. Get off the bus at 11th Street and Montgomery Avenue and turn left to walk onto Temple’s campus. This bus arrives every 15-20 minutes and the ride takes about 15 minutes.